Dash Price Surges As Bitcoin Falters

Dash has experienced significant growth recently, as Bitcoin continues to slump.

The rising cryptocurrency, currently claiming the place as #7 in the cryptocurrency market capitalization charts, went through a nice price spike this month, nearly doubling in value. Dash started August out at just over $8 per coin, and is currently valued at over $14. Most of this growth has taken place over the past three days.

Bitcoin, meanwhile, has had a bit of a rough month so far. After starting the month at about $620, the Bitfinex hack of $70 million in Bitcoin took the price down almost to $530 over just a day. While the price slowly edged back up to around $600 over the next week or so, it has gradually declined since, resting at about $572 at time of writing.

Dash The Only Top-Seven Cryptocurrency To Experience Seven-day Growth

This price growth is especially noteworthy when contrasted with the performance of all the other major players in the cryptocurrency field. While Dash has increased by almost double, it was the only one of the top seven to experience growth. Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Steem, and Ethereum Classic all experienced losses over the last week.

All the heavy hitters have experienced 24-hour losses as well, while Dash not only recorded gains, but growth of almost 9% (almost 11% against Bitcoin).

August has been a big month for Dash

Overall, Dash has had a strong month. Jaxx, multi-coin wallet featuring a synchronized experience across multiple platforms, recently announced Dash integration within the next few days. Mycelium, another popular Bitcoin wallet provider, is expected to integrate with Dash in October.

On the point-of-sale (POS) front, Dash has also made major recent progress. First, the Dash N Go POS, utilizing InstantSend technology first used in the Dash N Drink vending machine, has entered the scene. Second, BlockPay announced a new POS system which allows for multiple cryptocurrencies to be accepted, including Bitcoin and Dash, significantly increasing the opportunity for promoting the latter’s adoption.

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