Dash Scam Alert: Dash-wallet.com

The dash-wallet.com scam has been a trap that has caught several newcomers to Dash over the years. A  typical problem faced by several cryptocurrency users is the setting up various sites that try to steal from the naive and onlookers through devious means such as fake wallets, fake cloud mining contracts, fake exchanges, etc.

The dash-wallet.com incidence has happened so often that there are several red flags raised all across community channels to possibly curb the situation which has been achieved to some extent while some still get scammed by the fake wallet site despite all these efforts.

The site works fine and has no indications that scream spam at a first glance. The site works too perfectly well and goes to the extent of generating a working Dash address for deposits, during this process the wallet works flawlessly well not raising any suspicion. Deposits work well too, but when you try to conduct a transaction that send coins out of the wallet, tables suddenly turn. After entering your destination address and amount your transaction begins and takes forever to get confirmed.

The bottom line is, you will not be able to send coins using the wallet causing your coins to disappear into thin air. It’s no fault of users who fall for this scam, apart from community channels there are no indications on the World Wide Web of the impending danger the site poses to users. When you enter search queries “Dash wallet”, “Dash web wallet” and “online Dash wallet” dash-wallet.com appears on the first page of search results at a very high rank.

On their contact page they have a form for to reclaim the 1 Dash lost above we sent an email to see if we could recover the missing Dash but unfortunately there has been no response yet. Dash-wallet.com is definitely a scam and should under no circumstances be used to store Dash. You can read our wallet guide for alternatives. Have you encountered any other Dash scams or are you a victim? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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