Apple Officially Approves Steem, Lisk, and Digicash on the App Store

Two weeks after Apple announced support for only 6 specific digital currencies, 3 more currencies are officially approved, says Jaxx CEO

Toronto, ON –  Jaxx CEO Anthony Di Iorio revealed details of a conversation with Apple acknowledging that three more virtual currencies, including popular blockchains Steem and Lisk, have been officially accepted for inclusion in the iOS App Store. A total of nine digital currencies are now accepted by Apple.

The news breaks only days after Apple rejected a version of the Jaxx wallet with Dash and Ethereum Classic, two more prominent cryptocurrencies with large followings.

In an earlier Apple-issued directive, six tokens were identified as supported: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, the DAO, and Ripple. Now, the number of supported digital currencies increases to nine with  Steem,  Lisk and Digicash added to the list.

In a conversation with Apple Developer Support, Di Iorio was informed of the recent decision to allow access to Steem, Lisk, and Digicash to iPhone and iPad users.

“On Monday we learned that Apple permits apps using nine specific digital currencies, critical information to the crypto community. At Jaxx, we’ve been committed to supporting a global blockchain ecosystem. Everyday our developers work to build a consistent infrastructure across blockchains and across platforms. To that end, the insight we have gleaned from Apple thus far has been invaluable, and we hope to learn more about Apple’s policies and procedures for blockchain in the near future,” said Di Iorio.

Since launching in June 2016, Jaxx has become the wallet of choice for 40,000 users of the most popular blockchains. With a consistent, user-friendly interface and availability on nine different platforms, Jaxx allows users to receive, send, and manage Bitcoin, Ethereum and DAO Tokens on Windows, Apple, and Linux desktops, Apple and Android mobile devices and tablets, as well as Google Chrome and Firefox extensions. On systems aside from Apple’s iPhone and iPad, cryptocurrencies Dash and Ethereum Classic are also fully supported.

About Jaxx:

Jaxx by Decentral is a multi-token blockchain wallet that provides a unified experience across 9 platforms and devices, including Windows, Apple and Linux desktops, Apple and Android mobile devices and tablets, as well as Google Chrome and Firefox extensions. The Jaxx wallet enables crypto-to-crypto buying and selling with frictionless in-wallet conversion. Users are always in control of their keys and Jaxx neither holds nor has access to customer funds. Design and user experience driven, and built with simplicity in mind, Jaxx’s mission is to become the interface to the blockchain world.

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