Credible Friends Makes It Easy To Extend Bitcoin Loans

Bitcoin lending is a business opportunity that is not explored all that often by entrepreneurs and companies. It is rather difficult to established credibility when dealing with non-refundable cryptocurrency. A new Bitcoin lending application has been developed, and it is called Credible Friends. By going for the mobile-only approach, this Continue Reading

Why Cryptocurrency Needs Activists

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead Cryptocurrency needs a boost. At a market cap of $12 billion, stagnant for the past several months and still falling short of its 2013 novelty high, Continue Reading

Why Cash for Crytpocurrency Is Necessary

As it stands now, Bitcoin is king. The first, most valuable, and most used cryptocurrency is unquestionably the main event, accounting for 80% of the value of its field. All the rest of digital currency’s many members are easily available; however, this is only possible by passing through Bitcoin first. Continue Reading

Jaxx Wallet Adds Dash Support

The multi-platform wallet released an update today for its app, allowing users the option of storing Dash in their wallet. The Jaxx wallet is known for its versatility across platforms, as it enables users to maintain a consistent experience managing their digital funds across iOS mobile and tablets, Android mobile and tablets, Continue Reading

How to Sell Dash to Businesses

The era of true currency competition is upon us. Spearheaded by Bitcoin, cryptocurrency is poised to completely revolutionize the global financial system, wresting economic control away from the big banks and remanding it to the people. In this new world of competitive currency, in theory, the best will rise to Continue Reading

Dash Price Surges As Bitcoin Falters

Dash has experienced significant growth recently, as Bitcoin continues to slump. The rising cryptocurrency, currently claiming the place as #7 in the cryptocurrency market capitalization charts, went through a nice price spike this month, nearly doubling in value. Dash started August out at just over $8 per coin, and is currently valued at Continue Reading