Exploring Compliance On The Dash Blockchain

Privacy-based currencies have had problems with adoption by commercial and financial institutions due to problems with AML/KYC laws due to this Dash partnered with London-based startup Confirm to bring the first interwoven solution for AML/KYC compliance in cryptocurrency. The great news has been met with criticism from different angles, citing confusion among Continue Reading

BitShares Munich Launches Successful 13-Day Pre-ICO

Blockchain-based technology, BlockPay, offers merchants the capacity to accept digital currencies at zero cost BitShares Munich is building the future of digital payments. After securing a considerable financial footing following their recent pre-initial coin offering (pre-ICO), the Germany-based independent software development company is poised to deliver on their prospective vision Continue Reading

Why Monero’s Growth Has a Ceiling

Monero, the privacy-centered cryptocurrency that long languished far from the top ten, recently experienced a significant price spike, growing tenfold over the course of just a few months. Much of this can be traced to dark market integrations like Sigaint and Alphabay, and the recent Bitfinex hack might be partially responsible as well, Continue Reading