FBI Announces Post-Election Attack on Encryption

The FBI announced a plan to crack down on encryption. In a keynote address on August 30th, James Comey, the FBI’s director, announced a renewed push to break encryption after November’s election is over. He stated that the push would be to install backdoors in encryption of private data for easy Continue Reading

Bitcoin (BTC): new all-time high ahead ?!

I’ve been writing and saying it for a long time: In 2017 we had a bitcoin or ultimately even a crypto hype, in the course of which the “mother of all cryptocurrencies” – Bitcoin (BTC) – hit an all-time high of around 20,000 US dollars rose. This was a hype, Continue Reading

Deutsche Bundesbank discusses the digital euro

Adapt to stay happy – this is how Burkhard Balz quoted Confucius to justify the considerations for a possible digital central bank currency (CBDC). The board member of the Deutsche Bundesbank presented some questions that the European Central Bank, as the highest central bank in Europe, has to answer. Central Continue Reading