Cryptobuyer Introduces Dash To Struggling South American Economies

Venezuela is one of the many regions around the world where cryptocurrency can make a big impact. The local economy is going through a very rough patch right now, and a new crisis is looming overhead. Cryptobuyer, a Bitcoin brokerage service provider in Venezuela, recently added support for Dash. This is great news for the privacy-centric and anonymity-focused cryptocurrency.

Cryptobuyer Adds Dash Support

The name Cryptobuyer may not ring a bell for most people, unless one lives in Venezuela. Running a Bitcoin brokerage service is an exciting opportunity, particularly in a country where financial turmoil is the norm these days. As a result of overwhelming client demand, Cryptobuyer was “forced” to add support for Dash.

Many people know the name Dash, as it has become one of the most popular alternative cryptocurrencies. With a strong focus on privacy and anonymity, Dash has been carving out its own path. The self-governance model designed by the developers has been well received as well.

As a result of being added to the Cryptobuyer platform, Dash will now be used as a payment network. Keeping in mind how Venezuela’s economy is in shambles right now, this could spur a new wave of interest in cryptocurrency altogether. Even though the company has supported Bitcoin for quite some time now, customers are exploring other options as well.

Venezuelans can now use Dash – and Bitcoin – for a wide variety of services. Mobile top-ups, remittance services, and everyday transactions are just some of the examples. This is great news for the alternative currency, as it sees its number of real life use cases increase.

Cryptobuyer CEO Jorge Farias stated:

“Cryptobuyer is a cryptocurrency and digital assets connector for companies and individuals that brings a range of services that will improve Venezuelans’ financial liberty. Our partnership with Dash is valuable, especially for customers using unstable fiat currencies, and the perfect example can be found in Venezuela right now. Alternatives for accessing money without traditional banks are gaining traction fast, and we are incredibly confident that Dash will flourish in this economy.”

Although Cryptobuyer is a relative new company, they have quickly gained a lot of customers. Their services are used in Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Panama, and Colombia. That is not entirely surprising, considering all of these countries are dealing with tough economic times.

No Computer or Mobile Phone Needed

But there is more, as cryptocurrency enthusiasts without access to a computer or phone can still use Cryptobuyer’s services. Through their partnership with TigoCTM, anyone can access Dash and Bitcoin via their Crypto Teller Machines.These devices allow for remittance corridors and an real-time cash transactions.

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