What is Dash?

Dash is an advanced form of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. It is created and held electronically on your computer. There are no centralized controls over the ‘currency’, and they are generated not by a government or a bank, but by miners who are rewarded with new Dash when they ‘mine’ a block Continue Reading

Apple Declares War on Dash?

ShapeShift, the famed accountless cryptocurrency exchange app, was excluded from Apple’s App Store till it removed Dash. A streamlined exchange often found integrated directly into wallets such as Coinomi and Jaxx, ShapeShift allows users to seamlessly convert a wide variety of cryptocurrencies into another, without setting up an account or Continue Reading

Node40 Unveils Masternode Portfolio Insight Reports

Node40, a blockchain governance company providing investors with an easy-to-generate and passive revenue stream, today announced a highly requested feature for Masternode owners, Masternode Portfolio Insight. The feature is designed to showcase asset performance for every Node40 customer, all of whom are investors in the popular, stable cryptocurrency Dash, and Continue Reading