Code Valley: The New Industrial Revolution

Code Valley, emergent Coding empowering the world with automated software development. Today, Code Valley gives us a glimpse into the future of software by offering early access to their brand-new online tool: the Pilot.

Imagine a world where software can be created in minutes – where developers create complex tools and systems without hand-coding a single line, and where software development is affordable and accessible to all.

This may sound like the plot of a science-fiction movie, but Australia-based technology company Code Valley has been working to create this reality for over a decade. Now, after extensive internal development, they are ready to give us an exclusive preview of the coming software revolution.

Emergent Coding automates software development itself, in order to empower individuals and businesses to create custom programs with ease. Code Valley enables a future powered by a synergistic marketplace, where each expert in a swarm of millions completely controls his or her own destiny, enjoying unlimited earning potential from selling designs over and over again.

Emergent Coding provides software creation with:

  • Usability enabling ANYONE to make custom software
  • Greater efficiency
  • Unprecedented speed
  • Unlimited developer income potential
  • No runtime dependencies
  • Endless applicability
  • Better security
  • Effective quality testing
  • Total privacy

Code Valley users pay for software builds with Bitcoin, the peer-to-peer money system used to make quick, secure, verifiable payments over the internet. With Code Valley, you won’t need a computer science degree to make flexible, intuitive software – all you’ll need is a browser and a little bitcoin.

“Instead of writing source code, with Code Valley you submit designs created directly in the browser,” founder and CEO Noel Lovisa explained. “You receive payment each and every time anyone uses your design contributions.”

Code Valley promises to radically reduce the costs of software development and expand software accessibility. Users get far cheaper and better tools, and developers stand to gain passive profit from their work for the first time ever.

“With each new developer, the network becomes more capable. When Emergent Coding empowers all the world’s developers, just imagine the juggernaut this new software industry will become,” said Lovisa.

Code Valley’s Emergent Coding promises to be the most powerful software creation system ever devised. Finally, software development can graduate from being a cottage industry into a truly industrialized field.

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